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Du-Craft Premium ceramic brake pad is our flagship product, developed as a perfect, more affordable alternative to the Original Equipment(OE) brake pad, delivering equal performance for the vehicle owner after replacing the brake pads that came with the vehicle from the factory.

Brake pads are automotive consumables, hence they have limited service life spans and must be replaced when worn. Selecting worthy replacements for the Original Equipment brake pads that your new vehicle came with is key to retaining the optimal braking performance of your vehicle.

Du-Craft premium ceramic brake pad serves perfectly as this valuable alternative without necessarily boring a large hole in your pocket.

From the R&D stage to the friction material development and the entire manufacturing process, Du-craft premium ceramic brake pads are engineered to deliver optimal performance, guarantee braking stability, safety, reliability and comfort all through its service life of up to 30,000kilometers.

The advanced ceramic friction formula combined with the anti-noise and anti-vibration shims carefully developed to control NVH(Noise Vibration and Harshness) has proven from laboratory and road testing to guarantee reliability and comfort  by reducing braking distance, improving braking stability, reducing vibrations and controlling noise.

Its non-metallic friction surface guarantees lower rotor abrasion thereby prolonging rotor life while delivering maximum stopping power even with less pedal pressure.

If you are looking to retain or restore the braking performance that came with your vehicle when it was new, choose Du-Craft premium ceramic brake pads for your vehicle and you will be glad to continue to enjoy or return to enjoying optimal braking performance that not only keeps you and your family safer on the road, but also keeps you comfortable while you make your journeys.

Du-Craft Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are SON tested and registered with Reg. No. FA02948