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About Du-Craft

Du-Craft is a registered trade mark of Du Craft Ltd, a company incorporated in The Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2009(Reg. No.: RC 813067) and commenced business officially in July 2015.

Du-Craft Premium Ceramic Brake pad is a range of premium grade alternatives to Original Equipment(OE) brake pads, engineered to meet OEM specification and comply with environmental protection specifications of the California friction material regulation.

Du-Craft Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are SON certified(Reg.: FA02948) and are formulated with the right coefficient to deliver smooth, stable and quiet braking performance at varying ?temperature throughout its up to 30,000kilometers service life.

The advanced ceramic formula of Du-Craft Premium Ceramic Brake Pads guarantee optimal braking performance while improving rotor protection due to non-metallic content in the friction material which reduces rotor abrasion.

Du-Craft Brakes was founded to provide vehicle owners, large fleet owners and managers as well as automotive repair garages with affordable alternatives of genuinely branded aftermarket(replacement) brake pads and hardware that meet performance standards of original Equipment brake pads.

Du-Craft Premium Ceramic Brake Pads, our flagship products, are therefore the most affordable, originally branded, top quality alternatives to the OE brake pads that came with your vehicle from the factory. They are:

  • Asbestos free
  • Ultra quiet
  • Less dusty
  • SON approved
  • Smooth and stable during braking
  • Formulated with up to 30,000km service life
  • Less abrasive hence protective of your rotors and
  • Engineered to shorten your braking distance thereby keeping you safer.

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