Brake Care Tips 101: Lubricating Your Caliper Slide Pin.


Did you know that regularly lubricating your brake caliper slide pin maximizes your brake pad service life?

As you drive through mud and flood from time to time, your caliper slide pin could easily become rusty without regular lubrication.

Rustiness causes It to get stuck, not allowing it move back and forth as it should normally do to allow the caliper frame slide horizontally in order to create the double sided frictional force needed to slow down or stop your spinning wheel.

The result of this is your brake pad prematurely wearing on one side, causing you to repeatedly replace brake pads sooner than necessary.

So when last was your caliper slide pin lubricated? Did your last brake pad wear one sided? Now you need to think well about it. Certainly, spending more than necessary on frequent brake pad replacement is something you want to avoid at this period.

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