Why It’s Dangerous To Ignore Your ABS, VSC OR VDC Warning Lights.


Have you ever had your ABS or VSC warning lights come on; or are you even driving your car with the warning lights on; or do you know someone who is driving his or her car with the warning lights on?

We’ve got a piece of advice for you. Visit a competent auto repair garage IMMEDIATELY!

The Anti-lock braking system(ABS), Vehicle Dynamic Control(VDC) and the Vehicle Stability Control(VSC) are active electronic safety systems equipped in your modern vehicle to keep you safe during emergency braking.

While the ABS functions to help you maintain traction(road grip), by preventing your wheels from locking during sudden emergency hard braking, causing your vehicle to skid and lose control, the VDC functions to prevent your car from skidding off the road during sharp bending.

The VSC similarly is an active safety system that functions to help you maintain vehicle stability and control of your vehicle in the event of over-correction during emergency maneuvers or on slippery surfaces.

All three systems are electronic, and work with data constantly received from your wheel speed and steering angle sensors, interpreting the data and sending relevant action instructions to your brake system and engine.

These intelligent safety systems work constantly and are critical to your overall driving safety. Improper functioning of any of them could expose you to danger on the road.

It’s therefore extremely important that you heed the warning lights whenever they come on, and get a competent technician to diagnose and resolve any problems that may have ignited the warning lights.

Remember, as we always say, it’s great to move your fantastic car, but it’s vital to bring it to a safe stop whenever you need to do so.

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