The Dangers Of Moisture And Corrosion In Your Brake Fluid.


In my previous post on the need for brake fluid replacement service every 50,000kilometers of two years, i explained that brake fluids are hygrospcopic, tending to absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

In this post i’ll briefly touch on the danger of moisture and corrosion in your brake fluid.

Brake fluids essentially transmit pedal pressure to braking force.

When a driver pushes on the brake pedal, the lowly compressible brake fluid transfers the pedal pressure to a compression on the caliper pistons on all four wheels, simultaneously creating a frictional force of the brake pads on the rotors, bringing the vehicle to a stop.

To perform this vital function, brake fluids must have low compressibility and high boiling point to avoid vaporization.

Most new brake fluids depending on their grade(either DOT3, DOT4 or DOT5.1) have dry boiling points(boiling point when fluid is new and without moisture) between 205 to 260 degrees Celsius(unlike water that has boiling point at 100 degrees Celsius).

However after months of exposure to moisture in the atmosphere during usage in the vehicle, the wet boiling point of brake fluids(when the fluid is already containing significant measure of  water) drops to between 140 degrees to 155 degrees Celsius.

The lower the boiling point of your brake fluid, the higher your brake fluid’s propensity to boil, vaporize and become highly compressible, thereby becoming unable to transfer pedal pressure to braking force.

A boiling and highly compressible brake fluid is equal to loss of pedal pressure transmission to braking forcing. In order words, a boiling brake fluid is equal to BRAKE FAILURE!!!

In addition to lower boiling point, moisture in your brake fluid causes and increases corrosion in your brake lines and threatens the proper functioning of your ABS and caliper pistons.

In summary, moisture in your brake fluid leads to brake failure and ABS damage!

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