Brake System Components: The Brake Caliper Assembly.



The brake caliper assembly is one of the most hard working and important components in the automotive brake system.

Essentially, the brake caliper assembly is the component that translates the hydraulic pressure coming from the master cylinder assembly into a frictional force on the wheel of a moving automobile.


The brake caliper is composed of critical parts such as the piston, square cut seals, bleeder and hose inlet threads, the slide pins, the slide clips, the dust boots, brake pads,  the caliber frame and the caliper brackets.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>It is important to keep your brake calipers in serviceable condition, as a malfunctioning caliper can impact negatively on your brake pad service life and overall brake performance.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Servicing your brake caliper assembly requires that you regularly lubricate it at critical lube points which include  the contact points between the caliper frame and the brake pad shims, the outer piston walls, the contact points between the bottom/top slide clips and the brake pads bottom/top fingers of the backing plate and finally the brake caliper top and bottom slider slide pins.</p>
Importantly, worn brake pads should be replaced with top quality brake pads with good friction material formulation. Brake pads are equipped with metallic wear indicator clips that produce uneasy metallic contact sound whenever you brake with worn pads. Pay attention to this sound and replace your worn pads with top grade replacement pads. Order Du-Craft’s premium-grade, high performing ceramic brake pads at


When you fail to lubricate the critical lube points of the caliper assembly, you experience poor braking performance and in many instances you have a one sided pad wear where your inner pad wears out while your outer pads on the same wheel still has friction material on it. A one sided wear on your pads is an indication of a one sided friction; hence a poor braking force.


Always ensure your brake caliper assembly is comprehensively serviced each time you have a brake replacement. A caliper assembly in serviceable condition is critical to your braking efficiency, performance and overall driving safety.

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