Welcome to our fitment guide page

It’s not always enough to just buy good quality brake pads; it’s equality important to fit your set of good quality brake pads on well serviced and maintained brake components, otherwise the service life of your good quality brake pads will be compromised.

Please find below Du-Craft’s recommended 10-point fitment guide that can help you maximize your brake pads’ service life and performance:

  1. Before fitting new brake pads, look out for uneven wear pattern on the old pads. Uneven pad wear indicates problem areas on the

2. Clean with wired brush and lubricate the calliper slide pins with a silicone-based brake lubricant. Avoid petroleum based grease as this may react to and damage the protective rubber(dust boots) on the slide

3. Clean and lubricate top and bottom hardware and/or the cavity on the calliper brackets(see illustration below). The calliper hardware or the cavity on the callipers should always be rust free and lubricated to ease brake pad movement.

4. Inspect your disc rotors for grooves, scars or warps. Resurface or change grooved, warped or scared disc. Ensure that you replace or resurface disc rotors in pairs. When choosing to resurface rotors, ensure that the resurfaced rotors are still within the manufacturer’s discard thickness before use. Any rotor below manufacturer’s discard thickness is not safe for use. Please consult a competent technician or your vehicle manufacturer’s TSB(Technical Service Bulletin) for more information on this.

5. Clean outer walls of calliper pistons of all forms of dust and road debris

6. After fitting callipers, test to ensure they are sliding freely

7. Apply a thin layer of silicone lube or grease on the brake pads’ back plate before fitting.

8. Test your brake fluids with an electronic brake fluid tester. Flush contaminated fluid or fluid that has been in vehicle for 30,000 to 50,000kilometers. Never leave brake fluid container open during work. Use DOT4 or DOT4(LV) fluid for higher boiling point..

9. If necessary, bleed brakes with a brake vacuum bleeder

10.Checked and re-lubricate your calliper slide pins and slide clips every 10,00 0kilometers